These are interesting thoughts. I suggest to look from the perspective of evolutionary biology and psychology. We come wired with all sorts of "programs" that were primed for survival and procreation. We are sense-making beings in that the first bacteria had two programs: If safe explore the world, if unsafe, withdraw. These initial two basic emotions are still at work in us. The work of Stephen Porges with Polyvagal theory capture much this and one major key is to study our autonomic nervous systems that bypasses our thinking brain - the neo cortex. This is called neuroception. Porges concludes that one major thing we can do for each other to bring out the very best in us - e.g. promote creativity - is to offer safety, a safe environment. Many executives lead their organizations with HR systems that are inherently unsafe. For example, performance management systems that use linear deficit oriented evaluation - you can only score lower. So an additional element to Humans are their best and thrive is when they are safe and find themselves in an environment that is conducive to being their best and thriving.

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