Sitemap - 2021 - One little anthro

An ode to 2021...

The shallow "polymath"

The thinking club

The rise of the inattention economy

Oh Micron!

Seasonal beliefs that drive cultures

There’s no failure

Don't short-sell yourself!

We're our past

State of flow


Why do we transcribe thoughts?

Star-studded planetary stories

End of an era


"Work-life balance" to "Life's work"

New ways to die

Life happens

Supporting the underdog

Strange family times

How to buy a car?


Dead or alive?

Taking a break today

We see what we want to see

Insanely insane

Tale of two stories

You are your abilities

We are gonna run out of words

Generational influences

And then there were 15

Imagined ideals

I lied

Simplicity wins

Words have meaning, or do they?

Cascading mistakes

Of ducks and chickens

Leadership is enabling people

Slipping in unnoticed

The road ahead

Collective irresponsibility

Nice knowing you.

Choose the "age" you want!

Unashamedly inauthentic

What should I do?


A clutch of quotes

"Brain as a library" analogy

We are non-altruistic beings

Method to the madness

Thinking on your toes

Don't change everything

Measure twice cut once

The switch

Opinion is the root of most misery

Adaptable, nimble, and flexible


Like a kid in a candy shop

Should we have a purpose for everything?

Questioning beliefs

Halloween's back

Only questions

Life is just that simple!

The lush grass is going to sleep

Not an agent of change

Two types of attitude

We are mostly opinion powered

Normal powers

Never apologize for life

Problem theory

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Raise yourself!

Why theory is ideological?

The Hippocratic Oath

Reduce avoidable suffering

Unique vs the ordinary

Our wisdom

On managing knowledge

The short and the long

Purpose evolves

Don't let anyone engineer who one should be and what one should do!

The anti sorrow club

Illusionary beliefs

Moving my fingers

Nailed it!

Love for sale

Humans are social animals

In hiding

Every day is today!

Blah, blah, blah

Looking up or looking down

I passed

We’re crazy!

Something's changed!

On commitment...

Dream beyond your limits

Practice and learn before you need it

Propagating signs and symbols

You are...

What's your favorite travel story?

A worthy subscription

Foreseen vs the unforeseen

Oh Google, google!

The magic toothbrush

End of an era

I know not of any human

I am feeling fishy

The stuck stoic

The Ig Nobel awards

The power of collective choice

Questions with no answers

Do one thing every day that scares you

Blank like a fake Banksy

Rewriting someone's regrets

Time to go, I guess

"Us and them" day!


A note to my tomorrow's self


Stuck in first gear

Life's simple pleasures

Verum, Pulchrum, Bonum

How we think makes our box

Slaves to technology

Worth passing on...

Scoring my Life IQ

Blending, bending, and breaking

Experiential pathways to a good life

If in doubt, begin

Do we unlearn or relearn?

In conversations with Viktor

Progress or deception?

What a mess

No, you won't!

Go big or go home

Knowing when to give up

Synthesizing "new" models

10,367 days to go

Wrong is wrong

Signs, symbols, and humans

Gamifying the mundane

Noodles in the head

Minks and memory

The Croc, the frog, the fish, and the dolphins


Repeating patterns

Appreciating the accepted

There is always more than it seems

Talking to myself...

Overcoming the sunk cost effect

Processing pain

Chasing it down

Snap, Zoom, and fun!

When to stop?

Joy from the objects of love

Continous dopamine monitoring

We are what we don't do

The difficult is not difficult

Growing new reading habits

Loads of BS

On being

I am well and not well

A fish out of water

On desire, happiness, and success

5 minutes

It's raining cats and dogs this July

2,995. I am what I eat

It's always me.

Man vs Woman vs Human

Memory triggers

Cardio calibrations

Winning and losing

When is it, Summer?

Should I stay or should I go?

Decisions from the unconscious

Am I acting wounded or celebrated?

Weekly Summary Edition #3

Simple switches

Small moves. Big Payoffs. Needs beta testers

Weekly Summary Edition #2

July is space month

Interdependence day


Feeding the behavior monster

Two in a row

Nature has no straight lines

Another failed experiment

From fake news to fake everything

Reflection, imitation, or experience?

Controlling the impossible

PC's are going app crazy

We are terrible at predicting the future

Weekly Summary Edition #1

Imagining the invisible

Vaccine messing up my system

I got Vaxxed, again.

Clear on perspectives

James Clear on Learning

Dissecting James Clear (on Motivation)

Forced "newness"

No end to these horrible events

Quitters are more important than customers

13 weeks

The evolution of language

Lessons in poignant simplicity

Forced unplanned obsolescence

You see what you want to see

Are we all going to become miners?

The frontiers of understanding the brain

My take on Apple WWDC21

The cognitive overload of political correctness

It is still good advice

Rebels with a cause

Anxiety and depression are real

Shoe shopping

Working with Ghost!


Atrocities in our backyard

In search of metaphors

The Heart-Brain dichotomy

A comedy of errors

Picking the next listen (or read)

Mulling over the what next

Boxing humans

Don't do OPM

A wild ride

Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot

Class system: The strong and the weak

The moral, immoral spectrum

Patterning the past

Allowed to drive again

Facing humans

Vaccine at last

Can you really eliminate the non-essential?

Cardio rehab

Nuances of language

Another census, brown-ness and...

It's music in my ears

The quantified self

Addicted to being myself

Learning to apply the essence

Overhauling the engine

Cleaning up the "email" overload

The Pomodoro planning

Little steps back to reality

External motivations

The next 100 days

Netflix (digital) fatigue...

The concept of time

Halfway to somewhere

When will this pandemic end?

Low mood, no motivation

No pack left behind

Freaky snowstorm


Clean slate

my dad turned ninety

and the answer is "walk"

there are no context-free rules

Recovery: Art, craft, or science?

Impossibly just right

Forced mindfulness

I hear treble

It's easier to learn when not forced to

Bloodied, bruised, and good to be back

Reflection and meaning-making

Thoughts originate creativity

Overcome blindness with metacognition

Never give in. Never, never, never, never...

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Hope for the best, expect the worst...

The forever crazy one's



Sometimes reaching your dream takes courage...

Owners, whiners, and also-ran's

Change of pace?

Constrained "free will"

Back to the future of "free will"

Reading chains

Phases of life

Cradle to grave

Emotional experiences

Small perturbations

Birthday celebrations

Laugh at yourself

Learning widens options

Learning and synthesis

then what?

Drive to survive

Five types of "Important"

words of possibilities

The tyranny of the URGENT!

Work prioritization part 1

Create from the heart

Battery tales and bruised egos

On aphorisms

Perceptions and realities

The pipe

Global tribalism

My hero

A time to live, a time to move on...

Card tales part 2

Experiments with sleep measurements

Creation. It won't go away.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Of triangles, two by two squares, and ladders...

Unbounded creative freedom

Growing creative humans

Customer behaviors and choices

What moves humans?

Creative humans

We see what we want to see

The dichotomy of decision-making...

Winter's over

Emotional decision making

Making it count...

Keeping count

Garbage tales

Crumbling user experiences part 1

The climate change conundrum

Encourage proactive creative effort

An afternoon of "free will"

Enhancing my life's perspectives

And pigs can and do "fly"

'Want to do' vs. 'Have to do'

Limiting vs widening our perspectives...

Organizations are "Biased towards reaction"

The four elements of creative balance

Steganography and the nextgen internet

COVID-19: It ain't over until the fat lady sings

And yet we (mostly) won't! Because we're human

Transcendence and creativity

Maslow and the biased pyramid

Exploring creative balance

On language, thinking, and dreaming

The utility of thoughts

Of Bluejays and peanuts...

Modelling Creative balance

On unbroken chains


And the future is dystopian

The future is "creative"

There are no heroes or super-heroes

Creativity trumps flow

So why am I writing?

Stuck in the depths of despair