Sitemap - 2022 - One little anthro

Perseverance is a process

He's a keeper!

Oooh, Aaah, Hmmm, Ouch

Our introvert snowman

Feeling fleeced

Quiet and the focus

Musing about musings

Are cars woman?

As did she...

She left me

Just the important

Mix and match

I am not that adaptive

The long and the short

We are all optimizers

Discomfort zones

Join my new subscriber chat

Life is perfectly imperfect

Sorry to see you go...

Hips don't lie

Breaking the hiatus

Flying chatters

Simple lives

A day of thanks

Blink. And things change.

Little things that we take for granted

Streaming experiences

Quiet contemplations

A missed post

Brave new world

Priority, focus, and attention

Find your someone part 2

Find your someone

Personal trauma's

The patterns repeat itself

10 / 10

Pictures are worth 1000's of words


Dietary advice

A day to remember

Itchy eyes season

Golden nuggets. Are you IN?

Teacher's Day

Is trust a better hope?

Is life a game?

Why, why, wHy, whY?

I am a "Dystopian Optimistic Experimentalist"

Eat less to live longer

Information is not communication

Speaking cat!

Knowledge is a barrier to success

All you need is attitude

Existential crisis

The future of writing

Last irresponsible moment

Breaking my chain

The July five

The consistency inconsistency dilemma

Burnt out

What you don't get

Gaining from disorder

Truth is an interpretation

Paint party

A milestone to look forward to

Wisdom from 30 years ago

This changes everything

The God commitee

David and Goliath

The upgrade dance

Peaks and valleys

Brush-a-brush tales

Flaws could be features

Empty is good

Grazing the commons

Should I go, or not go?

Opinion and facts

Spots of blindness

A 1,000 books on my wish list

Ego vs Spirit

Just world fallacy

Hornet's nest

Human connections

Being there.

A lessons in ethics

Are we just our dreams?

The change generation

No time to die?

Mind boggling reality

Encoded we are...

4th dose, "n"-th wave

Perspectives of time

The perfect rain gauge

Learning through stealing

The tale of the broken pickle jar

The mailman and the milkman

Operant conditioning

And here we go again...

Turning on my crazies

Sleepy sleep

Little deaths

Saturday absurdity

The mother of all outages

Six great books

Right to disconnect


Pain + Reflection = Progress

Work to get better, then ignore the past


Indian roots, Canadian life, Swedish values

Intrinsic values

If you can't, you can't

Simple answers

Why do we care about what we care about?

Peter 3.0

Confidence is in you

All the world is a collective act

Never give up...

With power comes great responsibility


Hi Stranger!

Block party

Little birdie relates

Walking in the Fadell shoes

Everyone vs You.

Growth spurts

Thanks for the ride...


Lincoln Lawyer teaches...

Accept nothing. Change everything?

Knowledge is happiness

The fights between my noisy brains

Bundle of joyous addictions

Don't defer (things in) life

Fathoming numbers

Five hundred posts from the heart

Everyday is decision time

Short and the sweet...

My bonanza reads of May

Find the peace in and with what you have

Hand to mouth...

What stops us

Monaco rains

Discovery requires curiosity

Life engineers you.

Ready to fly and rule the world

Every little voice...

Detached attachment.

Are all beliefs blind beliefs?

What's true?

Evolve or die?

5,000 and counting

My readings this April

Pool season is back

Being human

I still am a dystopian optimist

The Cherry blossom connection

Nine long years

Of Gecko's and signals

Lack of real knowledge impedes true discovery

Our biases in labeling things...

Instant bloom

You go girl! Go paint the town red

One hot mama

Life is in chapters

Everything is fine until it isn’t

Language makes the man

Do something wonderful...

The pandemic has ended

What vert am I?

Walking in the rain

Feels like retirement

Cut and Dry

Forgiveness vs Acceptance

The little motivators everywhere

Is free speech really free?

Guillotine labs

What we keep wishing for is who we become

Good or bad, turn the page

The greenwashing day charade

My dad turned 91

Life is combo of luck and skills

Quartz is free

Mess is easy. Hard any other way.

How to have a proactive routine?

Weekly tales

Does the universe conjure up my routine?

Every day is a new year

Jack Fruit

More of myself and less of myself

Oh, women!

The failed Zombie experiment

Life 9.0

Attitude is innate

The stories I tell myself

Rein free heart?

Anthropological orientations

Make the best of everything

Mesmerizing tranquility

Up-down, flip-flop, zig-zag

Tale of two shoe cabinets

Time and change...

Life is too short

Leadership is influence

Ah. Education.

Easier said than done


Unexpected kindness

That eerie feeling

Very short memories

Two packets of oatmeal

Throw it out

Psst. A secret sauce for enabling genius

8:05 PM


Connecting the dots

Building resilience

The weakest link in the chain

Oh, ho, ho. It's magic. You know.

The purple platypus beanie

if/when (you're) in doubt

Good enough than perfect

Thanking my platform

Deja' vu

She is still my hero

A comedy of errors

Everything is different

Good is long

I won!

Eco reuse chic

Go well together

Not growing up

In me, she is

Broken promises


Engineering a shutdown experience

Keep or throw?

Read and ignore

The art of the stretching and extending

Minimalism is hard

A billion ticks of two hearts

Another year trundles by

Wodge, Modge, Podge?

My good neighbour

Fifth time a charm

Change is fun

Give and take "day"

Give someone a hug for me

Quantum aging

Right track, wrong speed

Walking blind

Winter's over

Thinking and speaking are exactly the same

Depending on luck

Identity and role

On goals and purpose

Tales of a distracted brain

Rules are not context free

Do you Wordle?

I sucked

More of irrational human

The mug I did not buy

Dog tails of winter

News, news

The rise of the unisexual

One year ago...

The doom loop

Hard on hearing

Pepping up each day

Thank you.

Being prepared

More belt tales

Regret is cheap

Harvest festival

Go big or go home

Belts and whistles

Controlled by addictions

It's all relative

Magic carpet

On demand haircuts

Powerful triggers

The travails of buying

We are in good company

It’s not when but if


Up's and down's

Live your best life


Education is action

The mystery of bathroom mats and of backdoors

We made it

Wishes for an "anti-fragile" new year